A side of me only few people tend to see

April. 19. Ohio. Lesbian. A misunderstood waste of space.

Alena M. (via perfect)

(Source: 400eurojob, via allthatissane)

It’s so beautiful to kiss
who actually
means a lot to you.

I do not understand why I am treated like this. 

Going away for a while to try to leave you behind.

Last night was my actual breaking point. You don’t treat someone you “care about” the way that you treat me. I do so much for you and get shit in return. I try so hard to make you happy all of the time. You’re actually driving me back into my depression because of how you make me feel. And that’s not fair to say because god you have made me feel wonderful at times. When you kissed me my heart would skip a beat and when you held me, I honestly felt so safe and so at home. I wish. I really wish you would think about my feelings at times. But nothing I’m doing is changing that. So I guess this is goodbye.
I truly did love you.

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